Jason Sims is Calling You

Forrest works for a concert venue and is NOT in the CIA.

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David has a degree in creative writing and is pursuing a master’s in Software Engineering.

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Liz is a television writer and playwright.

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Original image by Erin! Nekervis: http://www.flickr.com/people/theeerin/

(Original image by Erin! Nekervis: http://www.flickr.com/people/theeerin/)

Kevin is a bank teller getting ready to move to Atlanta, GA, to further his stand-up comedy career.

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Gaetan is an aspring radio broadcaster and a photographer.

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Kate is a maker of comics. The second call, but the first one actually conducted using a telephone. I prefer this to Skype.

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Dino Foot

The first call in my experiment. Chris is a father of 3 who works in a museum. Recorded via Skype, so there are some robotic moments.

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Let’s Talk.

Hello. My name is Jason Sims & I would like to call you on the phone. On four conditions:

1. You want me to call.

2. You want to have a pleasant conversation.

3. You live in the United States or Canada & can speak English.

4. You don’t mind me recording & sharing our conversation here on the Internet.

You could be on the other end of this line.

I assure you, I will make every effort to make these conversations comfortable, civil & amusing. I won’t make fun of you, drill you about controversial topics or edit you to make you sound like a jerk. I won’t give your number out or call you with out your permission.

Interested? Here’s how to order:

Send an email to jasonsimsiscallingyou@gmail.com with the subject line “Call me. [YOUR LOCATION].” Please include your name and whatever else you’d like me to know about you. We’ll work out scheduling & phone number details later.

Feel to share a link to this post with others you think would be interested & to follow or subscribe to this Tumblr for future updates.

Thank you!